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Board of Directors Report - April 2017

Posted by Tim Schwob on May 20, 2017 at 9:25 PM

The New Horizons Bands of Northern New York, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting

Friday, April 14, 2017

Spurbeck Room, SUNY Potsdam


Present:  Voting Members - Ellen MacMaster, Kathy Benham, Ron Johnson, and Carol Kissam.

Non-voting - Leah Zelkowitz.

Meeting was called to order at 12:08 p.m.


A motion was made by Ellen to approve the March 24 minutes, and it was seconded. The minutes were adopted.


Ron Johnson emailed a financial spreadsheet to the Board prior to the meeting. He pointed out that we currently have a balance of $4,786 in the budget and 47 members with the potential that Larry, Judy, Tim, JoAnn, and Pat R. will be joining when they return.

Ron J. checked about the payment to the St. Lawrence County Arts Council. Leah said she paid rental fees to the arts center for an alternate practice venue.

Ron J. explained that he has checks for the incorporated account, and once the checks from the unincorporated account are cleared, he will move the balance to the incorporated account.

It was agreed that the remaining budget this year ($500 over the base budget) shows the type of a draw down we had planned for and anticipated this year. 

Ellen suggested we should have enough funds for a full year and to keep the budget around $4000. Ron J. wondered why we didn’t consider half a year since a prime driver of our revenues was dues. There wasn’t a clear ending to the discussion.

Carol moved to pass the financial report. Ellen seconded and it passed unanimously.


Board members had been emailed a copy of the survey results. Ellen reported that 37 people had completed surveys. Discussion about the survey included how it may affect any changes in the proposed budget.

BUDGET for 2017- 2018

It was agreed that there be an increase in the budget ($250) for the Ottawa event.

Ron J. agreed to base the dues revenue for the budget on 45 members.

There was discussion regarding the concert program and adding sponsors. Ellen said she would ask Ron B. about how many programs were distributed last year because people donate as sponsors, and we want to be sure they get the advertisement they expect for their donations.

There was also discussion on the revenue the bands draw from performance venues. Ellen agreed to get that information from Ron B. to add it to the revenues in the budget.

Members looked at each line item and discussed them as well as any changes to be made to them.

Ron. J. will put together a preliminary budget based upon the discussions and get them to the Board for approval before they are presented to the members.

Ron J. offered to pursue the idea of sponsoring a musical composition competition for Crane Music students. He said that the competitors could attend a rehearsal or rehearsals and write a piece for us. We could provide a monetary prize. Ellen moved to have Ron pursue the possibility of hosting a composition competition. Since we cannot act on his findings until we know that could happen, the Board just agreed by consensus.

It was agreed that the annual meeting be held on May 12 at 10 am.


Carol asked if there was any concern about the new registration form she developed or about the form to get member permissions for photos, videos, or sound recording. There was no opposition, so she will get the new registration forms to Ron B. and have the members sign the permission form at the annual meeting.

Ellen said she would ask her husband to take a photo at our annual meeting. Band members could be encouraged to wear band shirts.

The nominations committee report by Leah Z. was presented during the Executive Session prior to the meeting. The slate is as follows:

Ellen MacMaster – President

Cheri Baker and Ron Johnson – Treasurer

Kate MacKay – At-Large Member


Ellen heard from a Crane student (Nicole Damon) who is doing a musician wellness project and is willing to do a presentation for us. Carol moved that Ellen request that Nicole offer a half-hour presentation. Kathy seconded. It was agreed that similar presentations had been given during band time in the past. The motion passed.

Ron J. asked about Thursday rehearsals in the summer. The survey supported that potential. Ellen said she would check with Ron B. to see if that will work for him. Ron B. will need to check to be sure the band has access to a rehearsal space at Crane.

The members will be presented with the proposed budget in May. According to the Bylaws, the Board needs to vote on it at their meeting after the annual meeting.

The next meeting of the Board will be on May 19 at 12 pm.

Ron J. noted that we need to have an audit within two months of the new fiscal year. Ellen said she would check with Kathy O. about doing our audit.

Ron moved that we adjourn and it was seconded by Kathy. The meeting adjourned at 1:56 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Ann Kissam, NHBNNY Board Secretary

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