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Board of Directors Report - March 2017

Posted by Tim Schwob on May 20, 2017 at 9:00 PM

The New Horizons Bands of Northern New York, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting

Friday, March 24, 2017

Spurbeck Room, SUNY Potsdam


Present:  Voting Members - Ellen MacMaster, Kathy Benham, Ron Johnson, and Carol Kissam.

Non-voting - Ron Berry, Director and Ex-officio on the Board, and Leah Zelkowitz.

Meeting was called to order at 11:59 p.m.


A motion was made by Kathy to approve the Feb. 17 minutes, and it was seconded by Ron J. The minutes were adopted.


Ron Johnson emailed a financial spreadsheet to the Board prior to the meeting. He pointed out that we currently have $5,136.92 in the budget and 45 paid members.

Ron also reported the following activities:

- checks for the incorporated account have been ordered

- an anonymous donation of $50 for Swing Band music was received

- donation letters have been sent

- Ron B. had made a transaction on the corporate account (Ron B. handed Ron J. the receipts for the transaction); Ellen and Kathy assured Ron J. that the deposit for Dodge Pond camp will be reimbursed to the budget in September.

There was a discussion about if dues are tax exempt, and Ellen said she would check into it.

Ellen moved to accept the treasurer’s report and Carol seconded. The motion passed.


COMMITTEE REPORTS: Ellen had contacted the chair of each committee (Sunshine, Nominations, Facebook, Web Page, Publicity, Equipment, Audit, Gig, and Librarian) to request an annual report.

SUNSHINE COMMITTEE - Kathy B. reported that she has sent out lots of cards this year – illness, death, and thank-you cards. She didn’t have a final tally, but said she would provide that to Ellen. Board members praised her for her work.

There was some discussion about having cards made with a photo of the band. Kathy reported that she has been given and will be given a host of cards to use, so we appear to have enough.

Carol moved that we have an annual photo taken. Ellen seconded. The motion passed. Ellen said she would ask the publicity committee chair about how that might be set up.

WEB PAGE – Tim Schwob said he would continue maintaining the page.

PUBLICITY COMMITTEE – Ellen said she would ask Kathy O’Shaughnessy about a list of publicity contacts.

GIG COMMITTEE – Ron B. had announced the commitment to Dekalb Junction. It will be June 24 from 7 to 9 p.m. He said there would be a half hour break. He has not checked out the venue to see how many of the band might fit.

Ron B. heard from Ruth McWilliams about the Colton summer concert, but he has not emailed her back yet.

Kathy B. noted that June 24 is graduation weekend and we may not have many who can attend. Ron B. said he hasn’t yet worked out the plan for that venue but there would definitely need to be fewer players, and he would need to know what instrumentation would be covered.

Leah said she heard that Canadians are generally unwilling to cross the border into the US, and that might affect our fall invitational. Meanwhile, our group has been invited to play in Ottawa on May 6.

It was also reported that Pat Fay is willing to join Ron and Leah on the gig committee to help find locations for a gig in Massena.

Ron J. asked about a follow up from Waddington. Ron B. reported that he has reached out but has not heard back from anyone there. It was agreed that Waddington needs to reach out to us if they want us to perform there.

The Potsdam Festival will feature the Swing Band on Market Street at 5 p.m. on July 13. The regular band will perform at the gazebo on July 15 from 11 a.m. to noon. There was some discussion about the size of the gazebo. It was noted that perhaps the percussion could set up on the grass outside the gazebo.

NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE – Leah reported that there are three people who will be up for nomination at the annual meeting. Ellen has agreed to stay on as president. Ron J. remains undecided about his position, and Jim will be leaving the board. Leah will be looking for someone for the at-large position and possibly someone for treasurer. She indicated that she has one or two people who may be interested.

EQUIPMENT INVENTORY: Ron B. explained that the music inventory is outdated. He was asked if he needed help, and he said he hasn’t forgotten, it just hasn’t been a priority.

REVIEW OF GOALS: Ellen reported that one of our goals was to encourage informal gatherings of the band. Typically there is an event in the spring at Ron’s Garage. Many gather after the SOAR luncheon concert, and there is usually a pot luck too. The camp could be added to the list in the fall.

After discussion a date was set for Ron’s Garage. It will be June 14 this year. Ellen said she would see if she could find someone to organize that event.

Carol asked if there is a way to be sure everyone is invited to the lunch gatherings after band. It was agreed that if a place is decided upon before the break at rehearsal, it would be announced during break.

Overall the board felt that the goal is being met.


BAND SURVEY : Ellen had worked on an electronic version of a survey that she sent out for board members to try. Because there was a limit of 10 questions, and because it would cost money to extend that, Ellen said she would take our ideas into account and send out the survey via email.

Leah said that next year Ellen might try the Google survey program.

JOB DESCRIPTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Ellen noted that the librarian and the president have intersecting jobs when it comes to welcoming new members. She wondered if the librarian could distribute the music folders along with the music. She said that the president would then continue to take care of the health form and name tags and other basic information. Everyone agreed that made sense. Ellen said she would stop at Brick and Mortar to see if they will provide us with more folders.

Carol asked about the registration forms. She wanted them to have a place for a date so we have record of when members join. She also wants them to have a place to sign off for permission to have their contact information shared with other band members.

It was suggested that Carol make a new registration form. Ron. B. said he would email her the form he now has.

Ron J. asked if Leah’s student instructor was going to be working with other band members. Leah reported that her instructor had gotten busy with the ONNY concert, but she said she would check again about her availability.

DIRECTOR’S REPORT: Ron B. reported that his biggest challenge is organization of files of music. He is constructing a new printer table and has been looking for specific bins to store band music. He explained the ones he had purchased weren’t strong enough to hold the music. He talked about other options.

There was discussion about those options. Members agreed that Ron could use money from the music budget line to purchase the files he likes and needs. The cost will be about $100.

Ron reported that he now has a tax- exempt card for the band at Walmart. If anyone needs to use it, they must contact him.

Ron B. also reported that his directorship of the Chautauqua New Horizons Orchestra camp is something that will help our band grow. He did note that there is a need for two bassoons and four trumpets at that camp.

The next meeting is the April Budget Meeting, and it was set for April 14.

Kathy moved adjournment and Ron J. seconded. The meeting adjourned at 1:24 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Ann Kissam, NHBNNY Board Secretary

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