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Steering Committee Members

 President:   Ellen McMaster (2015-2017)

Treasurer:   Ron Johnson (2015-2017)

Secretary:   Cherie Baker (2014-2016)

At Large:    Jim Murray (2015-2017)

At Large:    Kathy Benham (2014-2016)

Director:    Ron Berry (2013-2017)


New Horizons Band of Northern New York


The name of this unincorporated association shall be New Horizons Band of Northern New York, hereafter referred to as NHBNNY.


The purpose of NHBNNY shall be to provide music education, training, and performance opportunities for adults. The mission is to maintain an atmosphere where individuals are encouraged to develop instrumental and musical skills and join together in the performance of a variety of music, consistent with the interests of NHBNNY members and upholding the philosophy of New Horizons International Music Association (NHIMA).


Section 3.1: Any adult shall be eligible for membership in NHBNNY provided that s/he abides by the Bylaws and any rules and policies enacted by NHBNNY.

Section 3.2: No member shall incur or contract any indebtedness on behalf of NHBNNY without the authority and approval of the Steering Committee.

Section 3.3: Communication with NHBNNY membership shall be via email. Posting of minutes, announcement of meetings, etc. shall be sent using personal email accounts. Any member without email access shall be responsible for finding a NHBNNY member with email access who shall keep him/her informed.


Dues shall be set by the Steering Committee. Dues shall be assessed on a semester basis and shall be payable to the Treasurer by the end of the second week of practice in each semester (Spring and Fall). Dues shall be paid in full and on time for an individual to be considered a member of NHBNNY and to participate in NHBNNY activities. An individual who is an active NHBNNY member only in the summer shall pay dues equal to the amount of the spring semester dues.


Section 5.1: An Annual Meeting of NHBNNY membership shall be held in May, during regularly scheduled band time, for the purpose of electing NHBNNY members to fill expired terms and vacant positions on the Steering Committee. Reports from the current Steering Committee and the Band Director shall be presented at this time. A quorum shall be required to enact any official business.

Section 5.2: The Steering Committee shall meet after the Annual Meeting to prepare the budget for the upcoming fiscal year, to appoint the committee chairs and, every two (2) years, to appoint a band director.

Section 5.3: The Steering Committee shall meet monthly, from September to June and at least once during the summer, unless rescheduled by the Steering Committee. The membership shall be notified of exact meeting dates at least two weeks before said meetings.  These meetings shall be open to all NHBNNY members. Concerns or items for discussion shall be submitted by individual members, in writing and signed, to any Steering Committee member at least one week in advance of a scheduled meeting.

Section 5.4: Special meetings of NHBNNY may be called by the President or by the Steering Committee or by written request of five (5) members of NHBNNY, provided that all members are notified at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting. In case of emergency, at least three (3) days notice shall be given. The purpose of the meeting shall be stated in the call. A quorum shall be required to enact any official business.

Section 5.5: A quorum of NHBNNY shall consist of fifty percent (50%) of the members.


Section 6.1: Elected Steering Committee: The Steering Committee shall be elected by vote at the Annual Meeting and shall serve for a two-year term. The elected Steering Committee members of NHBNNY shall be President, Secretary, Treasurer and two (2) At-large members. The President, Treasurer and one At-large member shall be elected in the odd numbered years and the Secretary and one At-large member shall be elected in the even numbered years. All Steering Committee members shall be members of New Horizons International Music Association.

Section 6.2: The Nominating Committee shall prepare a slate of
Steering Committee nominees to be published two weeks prior to the Annual Meeting. Nominations may also be made from the floor, provided that the consent of the nominee has been secured. If there is only one nominee for each office, voting for the slate may be a voice vote, in which case a majority vote shall elect. If there are multiple nominees, voting shall be by paper ballot. Absentee ballots may be used and must be placed in a sealed envelope and identified on the outside with the signature of the voting member. The absentee ballot must be sent or given to the President prior to the Annual Meeting. The new Steering Committee members shall assume their duties at the close of the meeting at which they are elected.

Section 6.3: Any vacancy occurring on the Steering Committee during the course of the year shall be filled by the Steering Committee. If the term of said vacancy is not completed by the Annual Meeting, the Nominating Committee shall name a nominee for election to complete the term. If any Steering Committee member is absent from three consecutive regular meetings, that position shall be declared vacant and filled following the aforementioned procedure.

Section 6.4: Term Limits: An elected Steering Committee member shall be eligible for two consecutive terms, not to exceed four (4) years, regardless of the Steering Committee positions held. After one year off the Steering Committee, a member shall be eligible for re-election.


Section 7.1: President: The President shall preside at meetings of the NHBNNY and the Steering Committee and shall be responsible for posting via email a written agenda to the Steering Committee three (3) days in advance of a scheduled meeting. Any NHBNNY member who would like a copy of the agenda for a specific meeting may request it from the Steering Committee president. The President shall be responsible for disseminating to all band members copies of Steering Committee minutes, financial information, NHBNNY documents and other relevant Steering Committee actions. In the absence of the President, the Secretary shall assume duties, as delineated in Section 7.2 of these Bylaws.

Section 7.2: Secretary: The Secretary shall keep accurate records of the proceedings of the Steering Committee meetings and all meetings of NHBNNY, and maintain record books in which all NHBNNY documents (Bylaws, policies, etc.) and minutes are entered, with any amendments to these documents properly recorded. The Secretary shall conduct correspondence belonging to NHBNNY and have current record books on hand at every meeting. In the absence of the President, the Secretary shall preside at meetings of NHBNNY and the Steering Committee. During that time an at-large Steering Committee member shall act as Secretary.

Section 7.3: Treasurer: The Treasurer shall deposit all funds, write checks within the approved budget and maintain the records for NHBNNY in accordance with normally accepted accounting procedures. S/he shall collect all monies due NHBNNY and deposit them in the bank account. S/he shall prepare the annual budget in collaboration with the entire Steering Committee, shall keep reports of current financial information, shall present a detailed written Treasurer’s Report at Steering Committee meetings, and shall contact members whose dues are in arrears. S/he shall submit the books for audit at the end of the fiscal year. The Treasurer shall keep the official membership roll and shall call the roll when it is required. The Treasurer shall maintain an asset list by description and value.

Section 7.4: Band Director: The Band Director shall be appointed by the Steering Committee for a two-year term. There shall be no limit on the number of successive terms a Band Director may serve.
The Band Director shall be a voting member of NHBNNY and shall automatically be a member of the Steering Committee. S/he shall be responsible for selecting appropriate music for the band and band ensembles; shall conduct rehearsals, concerts and gigs; shall arrange for a substitute director when s/he cannot be present; shall give a report of the ‘state of the band’ at the Annual Meeting; and shall serve as the liaison between NHBNNY and the Crane School of Music. If a band director is absent from the podium two (2) times during a semester without notice to the Steering Committee and/or has not provided a substitute director, the Steering Committee shall consider the Band Director to have vacated his/her position and s/he shall be subject to dismissal. In the event of a vacancy in the Band Director position, the Steering Committee shall take the necessary steps to secure a replacement director. The Band Director shall have the authority to write and sign checks within the approved budget.
Section 7.5: All Steering Committee members, upon retiring from office, shall deliver all monies, accounts, records and other property belonging to NHBNNY to their successors in office. All financial books shall be retained for a period of seven (7) years. All past minutes shall be retained for the duration of NHBNNY.

The chair of each standing committee shall be appointed annually by the Steering Committee. Committee Chair are encouraged to ask other NHBNNY members to assist with responsibilities as needed. Committees are responsible for, but not limited to, the following activities:

Section 8.1: Publicity: notices in media and posters regarding sign-up; highlighting coming events; pictures in media after a performance/gig

Section 8.2: Music Library: catalog all music acquisitions; make copies of instrumental parts, as needed; distribute music to NHBNNY members before rehearsals

Section 8.3: Gig and Concert Opportunities: seek out venues/opportunities for performances; make contact with hosts and NHBNNY members to determine dates; canvas members to gauge interest/availability for performance opportunities

Section 8.4: Equipment/Transportation Setup: coordinate the transporting of band equipment (percussion, banners, podium, etc.); return performance and rehearsal equipment (chairs, stands, etc.) to designated storage locations; set up equipment prior to rehearsals and performances; break down equipment and load into transportation vehicles following performances

Section 8.5: Sunshine Committee: send cards to NHBNNY members who are ill or who have had a death in their immediate families; promote activities to help NHBNNY members interact on a social/personal level; coordinate refreshments/social activities for the band

Section 8.6: Nominating Committee: prepare a slate of nominees for each Annual Meeting and present said slate to the NHBNNY members two weeks prior to the Annual Meeting as per Section 6.2

Section 8.7: Audit Committee: audit NHBNNY financial and present the audit report to the Steering Committee with-in two months after the end of the fiscal year

Section 8.8: Webmaster: maintain the NHBNNY web page with input from the Band Director and the Steering Committee President

Section 8.9: Media Accounts Manager: maintain and monitor the NHBNNY Facebook page and/or other media accounts

Section 8.10: Email Manager: monitor the NHBNNY email account, answering emails and/or sending emails to those in the band who can/should answer said emails

The Steering Committee shall have the authority to appoint ad hoc committees as appropriate.

The Fiscal Year shall begin June 1 in each year and end May 31 of the following year.

The Bylaws shall be amended only at an Annual Meeting or a Special Meeting of NHBNNY as delineated in Section 5.4. Any proposed amendment shall be distributed with the announcement of the meeting.  The Bylaws and any subsequent amendments must pass by a two-thirds vote of the NHBNNY members present at the meeting.

The rules of common sense and interpersonal respect shall govern the proceedings of NHBNNY.

Approved: June 2, 2014


Ensemble Policy

Participation in New Horizons Band of Northern New York ensembles shall be open to all active NHBNNY members.

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